Ah, serendipity.

In all the time I’ve been blogging, I’ve never posted a bio page. I wanted to welcome my new followers (Hello!) and help you to know me better, so this morning I wrote a little about myself. While writing, I received a message from the thoughtful and talented Colin Smith, awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you so much, Colin!

As a Kreativ Blogger, I need to link back to the award giver, share ten random facts about me, then pass on the award to six people.

Colin is truly a Kreativ Blogger. His posts are filled with insight and humor, and he has excellent taste in books. You can find Colin’s blog at: http://www.colindsmith.com/blog/

And now for a few things about me.

I’m a Florida girl.

You will find me somewhere by the sea, either cozy at home, or in a French café or coffee shop, or cheering for the Gators, or at the midnight showing of a YA book-turned-movie, a habit begun before Twi-moms were a thing.

I’ll likely be wearing these, my favorite pair of sparkly shoes.

Wherever you find me, I will be reading, or writing, or looking after my husband, or shouting after Son 1 and Son 2. Alternative music will be playing in the background. I will not be talking on the phone, exercising, or eating any meat of the red variety.

I’m passing this award on to some bloggers I’ve followed for a while, and some who I’ve just recently met through the Writers’ Platform-Building Campaign. All are delightful and well worth following.

Kate Coursey at http://katecoursey.blogspot.com/
Juliana Haygert at http://www.julianahaygert.com/blognews/
Kate Scott at http://www.katescottwrites.com/
Jillian at Writing on a Limb http://writingonalimb.blogspot.com/
Anna Weggener at http://www.annawaggener.com/
Jenna Cooper at http://findingthewriteway.blogspot.com/

Music for today: Trojans by Atlas Genius

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  1. Hi Laurie. Thanks for stopping by! I came a little late to the platform-building campaign, so I have some catching up to do. Nice to meet you. And hey, I get the house full of boys thing, I have 3 sons and a hubby!

  2. Hi, Laurie! I'm from the campaign, and we're in the same group *YA 3a*

    Also, I'm from Florida, too, but I live on the redneck riviera! I'm waving, can you see me? 🙂

    Looking forward to the campaign!

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